Reflectorless method for determining the displacements (New)

The REFLECTORLESS method was developed by Total Survey. Through this new method of performing monitoring measurements, the need to materialize the object points is completely eliminated. The method offers the possibility to fully automate the measurement process, the statistical analysis of the monitored parameters and the provision of information.


DETECT software

The program is accessed only through internet browsers without the previous installation of other programs. To use the program, computers must have a minimum configuration to allow access to the Internet and the use of Internet browsers.

Monitored parameters

The program allows the determination and stability analysis for the following parameters:

  • Variation of plane distances
  • Variation of spatial distances
  • Horizontal displacements determined in a certain direction
  • Horizontal displacements corrected with discretization correction
  • Vertical Displacements
  • Vertical displacements corrected with discretization correction

Reflectorless monitoring method presented has several advantages over the classic method:

Metoda reflectorless de monitorizare prezentată are numeroase avantaje faţă de metoda clasică:

  • Monitored points are not embodied on the body of the studied object.
  • Measurements are performed without manual aiming. The measurements can be made with slope angles even of 100g.
  • Measurements can be collected in a semi-automatic or fully automatic way (through scanning) without the use of monitoring prisms.
  • Faster data collection compared to the classic method.
  • Lower costs for materialization of geodetic network points by removing the need of materialization for object points.
  • Lower costs for making measurements due to use of automatic or semiautomatic data collection method.
  • Simplified and fast algorithms for detecting displacements or variations of plane and spatial distances.
  • In case of using the reflectorless monitoring method in real-time we may have available values and statistical tests of monitored parameters immediately after measurement of each point. In the case of using the classic monitoring method in real-time, results are available only after performing the complete measurement cycle.
  • Adjustment calculations of the geodetic network are completely eliminated being necessary to ensure only the datum between different epochs of measurements.
  • Configuration of the object points can be changed between measurements epochs without complicating calculation algorithms and statistical testing of the monitored parameters.
  • In case of determining displacements by applying discretization correction station points don’t have to be materialized.


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