PLANE DISPLACEMENTS / PLANE DEFORMATIONS of buildings and lands can be determined by geodetic methods using: classical methods (total stations), GNSS methods (global positioning systems: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo) combined methods or 3D scanning. The geodetic network formed by control points and object points materialized on the body of the studied object is created so that with monitoring measurements the absolute planimetric motion of the studied object will  be determined. The position of the object points is established based on a monitoring location project executed by the general designer. In the case of monitoring the behavior of the constructions in time, during the execution and then after commissioning of the construction, the monitoring measurements will be considered with the aim of determination of plane displacements starting with the pouring of the leveling foundation and ending with putting the construction into operation.

Diagrama deplasarilor plane

Used equipment

Trimble S6, S5, S8 total stations (with 2 ”and 3” angle accuracy | 2mm + 2ppm distance accuracy), Trimble & Stonex GNSS equipment, Leica RTC360 laser scanner. Depending on the configuration and the measurement method, the precision for determining the displacements / plane deformations is in the order of ± 1mm – 3mm.

To achieve this high accuracy the measurements are adjusted with specialized geodetic software using the least squares method. Each adjusted report contains: the most probable values of the adjusted coordinates, as well as the standard deviations and the values of the measurements corrections.

Execution term

1-3 working days from the moment of placing the order