MONITORING THE BEHAVIOR OF BUILDINGS AND LAND OVER TIME is an extensive examination process to detect degradation that may lead to a decrease in the ability to operate buildings in optimal safety conditions. The object of monitoring the behavior in operation of the constructions and of the investments in time is the evaluation of the technical condition of the constructions. From the point of view of the investigations that are being carried out, we distinguish:

View here the portfolio of works for tracking the behavior of buildings and land over time.

Within the monitoring projects, the monitoring of the behavior in time of the constructions takes place throughout their life period, starting from the moment of execution and represents an activity of collecting, interpreting the information resulting from observation and measurements performed to determine the position changes. over time, so as to ensure stability and safety in operation.

The results provided in a project to monitor the behavior of buildings over time are vital information needed to determine whether they can be operated safely.

Current monitoring investigation

The current monitoring investigation is performed by direct visual examination methods and with simple means of measurement. The current tracking activities can be performed directly by the owners, natural persons with technical training in constructions or legal entities specialized in the field of tracking the behavior of constructions over time.

Within the current follow-up projects, our company issues a report that includes: photographic survey, location and description of the building, conclusions and recommendations.

Special monitoring investigation

The special monitoring investigation includes specific regular, periodic investigations, on some parameters that characterize the construction or certain parts of it, the parameters established since the design phase or following a technical expertise. The special tracking is performed for a set period, based on a specific project or procedure (design theme) by certified technical staff.

From the point of view of the methods by which the tracking of the behavior in time of the constructions and lands is carried out, we distinguish:

  • Physical methods:the devices with which the measurements are performed are placed on the researched construction, or inside it, the situation in which the devices move with the construction. Physical methods generally measure relative displacements.
  • Geometric (geodetic) methodsin this case the position of certain fixed points on the construction is related to a series of fixed points located outside the area of influence of the factors that act on the constructions and the lands on which they are located. These methods determine the absolute and relative magnitudes of the vertical, horizontal, or spatial displacements.

Special monitoting investigation – Geodetic methods

Geodetic methods are the most commonly used in practice, and they are divided into the following categories: