Software – free application for automatic monitoring of ANCPI (National Agency for Real estate Cadastre and Advertising) files

We believe in the motto “An informed man is a strong man” (J.D. Rockefeller) and thus appeared, a free information portal intended especially for cadastral or notary offices. The main purpose of the application is the automatic monitoring of ANCPI (National Agency for Real estate Cadastre and Advertising) files, a simple interface shows you at any time of the day, wherever you are, the status of your work without any agendas or notes.

  • automatic monitoring of files registered at ANCPI
  • email notifications every time the status of the file changes
  • view completion notes
  • access on PC, tablet or phone
  • available on Android and iOS

Access for more details.

Pix4D Mapper – geodetic class software for photogrammetric processing

Pix4D Mapper is the most important photogrammetric software solution for aerial mapping using drones. This software is used successfully in the field of geodesy, construction, agriculture, mining, public safety and education.

If you purchase the Pix4D Mapper photogrammetric processing software through us, you benefit from the following advantages :

  • preferential price (request offer)
  • technical support in Romanian language
  • 40% discount for training courses organized in Romanian by Total Survey representatives accredited by Pix4D

Some advantages of Pix4d Mapper software:

  • uses classic terrestrial or aerial (RGB) images, multispectral, thermal, fisheye and 360 degree images, images taken simultaneously by several cameras, videos
  • in case of a correctly performed reconstruction, the software ensures a planimetric precision of 1-2 GSD and an altimetric precision of 1-3 GSD. GSD – ground sample distance (pixel size at ground level)
  • allows the introduction of GCP control points located at ground level, checkpoints and offers RTK support (coordinates of shooting centers determined precisely 1-3cm by RTK or PPK technology)
  • it generates: dense point cloud and its automatic classification, orthophotoplan, digital surface and terrain model, textured 3D model, multispectral maps for agriculture, thermal maps

Immobile Location

Immobile Location Service – is a free service through which you can identify points of interest in Romania and beyond, using the flat coordinates Stereographic 1970 or Stereographic 1930 system coordinates or geographical coordinates (latitude and longitude) WGS84 system (coordinates displayed by “GPSs” ).

Total Transform

Total Transform software allows the transformation between different coordinate systems used in Romania: Stereographic 1930, Stereographic 1970, WGS84 (ETRS89). This program was designed before TransDat existed and because of this the transformation parameters were calibrated on the Bucharest-Ilfov area, for precise transformations we recommend the use of the software developed by ANCPI.

  • approximate transformations: precision 5cm – 5m
  • calculation nomenclatures trapeze map sheets: scale 1: 100 – 1: 100000
  • calculation of plane coordinates for the corners of the trapezoids
  • calculation of geographical coordinates (ellipsoid Krasowsky 1940) for the corners of the trapezoids