Situational plan

The situational plan, topographic measurement, or topographic plan is a conventional generalized or detailed graphic representation of a land surface resulting after the process of measurement, adjustment of the measurements and processing of those. Depending on the nature of the measured elements and the degree of detail, the topographic plan can be realised at the following scales:
  • 1:2000 si 1:1000 - for rural or outside the built-up area where the density of the measured elements is median.
  • 1:500 - for urban aeas where the density of the measured elements is high.
  • 1:200, 1:500 and 1:50 - for zones where the density of the measured elements is very high.

When do you need a topographic plan

🔴When you want to buy a terrain and you need to verify the materialised property limits and the existing constructions with the cadastral situation.

🔴 When you need an accurate representation of the existing situation.

🔴 When you want to start a construction or rehabilitation project.

🔴 For the correct design of an infrastructure project

🔴 To clarify a situation of litigation regarding property boundaries

🔴If this was requested in the approvals section through the Urbanism Certificate.

Types o topographic plans

🟢 For obtaining the construction permit – PAC

🟢 For obtaining specific urbanistic plans : PUD – detailed urbanistic plan, PUZ – zonal urbanistic plan, PUG – general urbanistic plan.

🟢 For inventory (ex: industrial platforms, archeological sites, etc.)

🟢 For design ( a construction project always starts with a topographic plan, which offers the necessary support for a correct design solution)

🟢 To determine the location, the surface and the neighborhood of a terrain.

Depending on the nature of the measured elements and the graphic representation in a topographic plan we can distinguish:

📌 planimetric topographic plan – where there are represented only the planimetric information.

📌 Planimetric and altimetric topographic plan – where there are represented both the planimetric and altimetric informations (the heights of the measured points).

⬅️ Planimetric and altimetric topographic plan realised for the design of a new residential district.


In 95% of cases, the topographic plan is realised in the national projection system – Stereographic 1970, altimetric reference – Black Sea 1975 because it can be integrated / compared with other topographic products previously realised. Besides that, utilising the national grid system makes for an easier comparation of the measured property boundaries with the cadastral boundariese from the OCPI database.


  The topographic plan contains the existing planimetric elements identified, such as:

Road and pedestrian infrastructure – roads, alley, sidewalks, platforms, bridges, battlements etc.

✅ Constructionspermanent and temporary construction positioned inside the boundaries and the the neighborhood of the studied terrain.

✅ Walls and enclosures – support walls, existing fences in the studied area

✅ Edilitary network – electric network, heating network, gas network, water network, cellphone network.

✅ Vegetation – and other landscapings.

✅ Hidrography – still and flowing water.

✅ Natural terrain elemens – slopes, ravines, valleys and other terrain differences.

✅ Cadastral elements – cadastral boundaries of the properties registered in the Funciary Book, the dimensions of the property and the coordinate inventory of the points which define the terrain boundaries.

The topographic plan contains the existing altimetric elements identified, such as:

✅ Altimetric points of the measured planimetric elements

✅ Land Relief – altimetric points measured on the natural terrain

✅ Level curves – those will be drawn only if the studied zone contains natural terrain and if the height differences are pronounced.

✅ Height of buildings – the height of the measured buildings.

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