3D scanning

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3D scanning - is a relatively new working methodology. The scanning process results in a multitude of dots (point cloud) that accurately approximate the shape and size of the objects studied. The point cloud can be generated:
  • using  laser-scanners (represents the most accurate method of measurement)
  • using the  total servomotor stations
  • by photogrammetric methods (terrestrial or aerial photogrammetry)

3D scanning – using laser-scanner

The method of measurement / scanning by laser-scanner technology is currently the most accurate method of documentation. The result of the scanning process is the point cloud measured at a millimeter resolution. This is a vector information that “captures” the situation of the measured object at the time of measurement.


Areas of use

3D scanning technology by laser-scanner becomes a standard in the geodetic field when the environment in which the measurements are performed is difficult or the required accuracy is high. This technology is used in:

CIVIL CONSTRUCTIONS  – to generate :

  • level plans, frame and roofing
  • facade relief
  • longitudinal and cross sections
  • the verification of the location as well as the flatness and verticality of the executed elements
  • 3D Building Information Model – (BIM)


  • plans with the location of networks, cables and technical equipment
  • 3D models of mechanical, electrical equipment and installation pipes (MEP)
  • measurements of industrial equipment for determining the position, volume and deformations in exploitation


  • precise measurements for the entire monitored object in order to determine the spatial deformations.


  • accurate inventory of the archaeological site


  • digital “archiving” of the studied object
  • generating the 2D and 3D plans necessary for the technical project

Execution term

Are you interested in a project involving a 3D scan? All you need is a recorded and georeferenced point cloud resulting from the scan? Do you want to help you with the products that are generated through the cloud of points (plans, facade surveys, 3D models, etc.)?

Use the contact form or send an e-mail with some information about your project. You will be contacted by one of our specialists as soon as possible to establish the technical details, the estimated execution time and the cost.