3D scanners – with the fastest scanner in the world

Need a fast and accurate 3D scan? We use the laser scanner Leica RTC360, the fastest scanner in the world, capable of acquiring points with a speed of 2mil. points / second.

Due to the scanning speed (double to any competitor) and the innovative system that allows a pre-registration in the field of the point cloud, we ensure unparalleled efficiency in the measurement and processing of the point cloud.

We use the 3D scanning technique to provide the following deliverables:

  • point clouds – with RGB color
  • point clouds – with gray tones (depending on the response intensity)
  • horizontal and vertical sections of point clouds
  • 2D Relays – level plans, snakes and covers
  • Plans – longitudinal and vertical 2D sections
  • Plans – 2D facade reliefs
  • Meshes of the model studied
  • 3D model – of the studied object (BIM)

For more details visit the dedicated page – 3D Scanning