Lands marking, picketing

PRICE : 79 lei / marked point Marking, land picketing, property boundaries. These works are performed using top high quality equipments:  GNSS recivers, Trimble or Stonex.

Marking operation of a property is made only if it has a cadastral documentation which contain coordinates inventory (in projection system Stereo70 or Stereo 30) with contour points.If the coordinates inventory is missing, the coordinates can be achieved by authorized person from the Cadastral Office. If cadastral documentation was executed in a local system of projection, marking can be performed only after a documentation for update of cadastral number  is drafted (to determine the coordinates of contour points in an official projection system).

Points materialization on site is performed using metallic poles, wooden poles or concrete milestones (their manufacturing price is not included in the marking price). Marking cadastral boundaries ends with issuing a marking report.

According to the latest provisions of the Order 700/2014 (Regulation for approval, reception and registration in Cadastre and Land Registry records), in the framework of Article 68 it is stipulated that before the execution of marking works for a property, the authorized person is required to request from the Territorial Office the property’s coordinates. Basically the marking will be carried out only after obtaining the coordinates.

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