Cadastral documentation unregistered
in the Land Registry are losing their valabily

According to Order 700 regarding approval, reception and registration in the Land Registry, cadastral documentations unregistered in the Land Registry within one year from within one year from the moment of entering  into force of the current regulation are losing their availability.

  • According to article 74, paragraph 1, “within 1 year from the date of entry into force of this Regulation, any application for registration in the Land Registry of a building based on a received cadastral documentation with the allocation of cadastral number assigned previously of implementation of integrated information system of cadastre and land registry, is achieved by completing the old documentation submitted in original or certified copy of cadastral documentation issued by the Cadastral Office, with .cpxml file prepared by an authorized person, in which will be mentioned in Notes regarding old cadastral number, in order to introduce the building in the integrated cadastre and land Registry system.”
  • According to article 74, paragraph 2, “after the expiry of this term, cadastral documentation referred to in the previous paragraph, unregistered in the Land Registries, and the assigned cadastral numbers are canceled by the Cadastral Office”

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