Topographic Assistance

The topographic assistance service is necessary in the situation when the cadastral boundaries of a building or the projected elements of a construction or of an infrastructure project must be transposed (drawn / marked) in the field.

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Topographic assistance for constructions and infrastructure

With over 15 years of experience in the field of topographic assistance, our company has successfully collaborated with some of the largest construction companies in Romania as well as with real estate developers for more than 150 technical infrastructure projects. We had collaborations both for tracing the designed elements in the field but also as verifiers.

Why choose this type of service?

🎗️ increase the efficiency of the constructor – based on the markings drawn by us, the constructor installs its concrete diaphragm formwork much faster

🎗️ verticality of the executed elements – because the axes are materialized on each level of the construction, the verticality of the cast elements is ensured

🎗️ saving materials – since the cast elements are made vertically, there is no loss of materials: plaster (inside) and polystyrene (outside)

🎗️ concordance with the technical design is ensured

🎗️ you receive reports confirming the execution works executed, these are archived in the technical book of the construction and can be requested by ISC in the event of a control.

What are the types of topographic works performed?

  • Preparation of planimetric and altimetric situation plan for design
  • Preparation and / or extension of the planimetric and altimetric geodetic tracing network
  • Consulting services for the clarification of certain aspects related to the technical project
  • Technical project verification from the point of view of the elements to be drawn / materialized
  • Drawings of the characteristic elements of the new construction: construction axes, wall position, reference dimensions, etc.
  • Drawing / materialization of the property limit in accordance with the cadastral documentation
  • Stakeout of the elements of vertical systematization
  • Measurements for calculating digging / filling volumes
  • Positioning and alignment of equipment
  • Preparation of planimetric and altimetric post-execution surveys for the verification of the executed elements
  • Measurement and editing of as-built situation plans
  • Preparation of stakeout reports (integral part of the construction book)

How accurate are these measurements?

The answer to this question is not so simple because there are many factors that influence the final accuracy. Depending on the type of project, the type of structure and the tolerances imposed by the designer, we establish the type of materialization of the geodetic network, the equipment and the methods used so that the final accuracy is in accordance with the design theme. In general, for planimetric drawings, accuracies of ± 4.5 mm are easily achieved and using appropriate techniques and equipment, the accuracy reaches ± 2.3 mm. For altimetric stakeout, the precision order is ± 1.2mm and for altimetric positioning of the equipment the accuracy is ±

What equipment do we use?

Depending on the specifics of each work, we use total high-precision stations: 2 ”and 3” angular accuracy and 1mm-2mm distance accuracy, we also use 3D laser-scanner, digital levels, GNSS receivers and drones. See here the full list of equipment.

How are these services charged?

The pricing system depends on the size of the project:

  • If the stakeout works are completed in a short time, we offer a tariff for the entire project, we do not quantify the working hours necessary to complete the stakeout.
  • if the project is large and takes place over a long period of time, then we offer a tariff for the visit made, the invoicing being made monthly or bimonthly depending on the total number of visits made.

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Stakeout land plots position

Represents the topographic operation through which the cadastral boundary of a building materializes in the field. The stakeout is performed with GNSS technology and total station, the marking accuracy being ± 2.3 cm. The operation ends with a report attesting that the stakeout of the building was executed by an authorized company ANCPI.

When do you need this service?

🎗️ If you buy land – we recommend that before buying a land to be executed its stakeout, so you will know from the beginning exactly: the exact location of the land and whether the cadastral boundaries are in accordance with the fences materialized in the land. This way you can prevent a future dispute with your neighbors.

🎗️ If you want to build a fence – if the land you own is unfenced and you want to build a fence to delimit the building, then we recommend marking the land boundaries of the property, so that the construction of the fence to be executed in accordance with the cadastral boundaries of the building.

🎗️If you are going to obtain a building authorization – in this situation, the City Hall requests the annexation in the authorization file, of the stakeout report of the land. In this situation, we recommend that, once the land is drawn, a topographic survey be carried out in order to draw up a situation plan for the building. It will be used by the architect you are collaborating with for an efficient design of the future construction.

What are the documents required to start this operation?

Tracing the cadastral boundaries can be done only if the building has a cadastre made in Stereo’70 system and is registered in the Land Book, so we need the following information:

  • the county and the locality where the building is located
  • the cadastral number of the building

Based on this information, we will perform a check in OCPI’s public database to determine if:

  • the building is registered in the land book
  • the projection system used was Stereo ’70 or local Stereo ’30 Bucharest
  • its geometry is available in the public database

How much does this service cost?

  • If the geometry of the building is available, the cost of stakeout is 100 lei + VAT / point
  • If the geometry of the building is not available then there will be an additional cost of 100 lei + (15 lei * no. Of points) + VAT for obtaining the coordinate inventory.

* The price is valid for real estate located in Bucharest or Ilfov county, for plots of several plots of land or for real estate with many inflection points, a discount can be granted.

If you have any questions or concerns or need a price offer, do not hesitate to contact us..