Apartment | Construction dismantling

Our company has a rich experience in the residential field. In the last 10 years we managed to draw and apartment a number of 75 residential blocks totaling over 400000sqm. In total, more than 6,000 individual units were flattened.

What we are different from the competition:

  • EXPERIENCE of the last 10 years – 98% of the registered apartment documents were approved within the legal term without unnecessary delays
  • SPEED IN EXECUTION – we complete the measurements and drafting the surveys before receiving the construction, we know that the apartment represents the last operation before the actual sale and we make sure that no delays occur due to us.
  • STORAGE of documents – we maintain a database with all the documents related to your project; whether they are documents attesting to the construction of the building or documents issued by OCPI, you will always find them in us.
  • COLLABORATION with other suppliers – whether it is the notary you collaborate with, the companies responsible for introducing the utilities or other providers you collaborate with, we assist them in any technical problem related to the project.
  • GUARANTEE – we offer a 10 year guarantee for the apartment type works
  • PAYMENT TERM – for the loyal clients we offer different payment options for the cadastral services, we can work with a minimum advance and the final invoice will be issued after the collection of the sold apartments is started.
  • DELIVERY of documents – we do not put you on the road, Total Survey customers benefit from the free delivery and delivery of documents
  • FREE BUILDING CONTAINMENT – in the case of apartments with more than 10 individual units, the construction book / registration is offered free of charge in the land book.
  • FREE AIR PHOTOGRAPHS – because a picture does more than a thousand words, at the end of the project we come and take aerial photos with your construction, they will help you in promoting the following residential projects.

We cannot offer you the lowest price but we can offer you the security of completing the project within the agreed deadline.

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