Monitoring spatial displacements

Constructions and land spatial displacements or deformations can be determined by using geodesic methods: classical methods (total stations), GNSS methods (global positioning systems: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo) or combined methods. The geodetic network consists of benchmarks and control points materialized on the body of the object studied is designed so that from executed measurements to be able to determine three-dimensional absolute displacements of the studied object. In case of tracking behavior in time of construction, during execution and then exploitation, it will be considered taking actions aiming to measure plane displacements starting with casting slab equalization and ending with giving construction into exploitation.

Used equipment:

Trimble S8 – total station : measuring angular precision 2’’ – 2mm+2ppm for distances

Trimble S6 – total station : measuring angular precision 3’’ – 3mm+2ppm for distances

GNSS equipment: Trimble 5800, Trimble R3 and Stonex S9III – horizontal  precision 3mm , vertical precision 5mm

Execution period

1-3 working days from the order placement


From 249 lei / level mark / measuring cycle