Subsidence monitoring

High precision geometric leveling method was and still is the most common method in study of buildings deformations. Depending on the type and size of studied construction, it is created a geometric leveling network for subsidence monitoring. The network includes:

  •  Searchable checkpoints, fixed on the building that is subject to investigation, called in this method subsidence marks or mobile benchmarks.
  •  Fixed landmarks, called reference landmarks are placed in stable land and outside the area of ​​influence of the studied structure.
Control points (subsidence marks) have the role to express faithfully the changes of vertical elements of displacements of some separate elements or the tracked construction, which they are attached, as well as to create opportunities to measure these components. They frame in resistance elements of building and it must be provided lining of these elements on leveling board. Distribution of control points it is made based on the shape and foundation size, and load of different parts of it. They are distributed along the foundation axes, to determine the respective directions, in places where are expected large subsidence, at expansion joints, around the areas with worst geological conditions. This operation is performed based on a placement project of control points executed ​​by the general designer. In case of tracking behavior in time of construction during execution, then during exploitation, it will consider taking measures having as goal measuring the vertical displacements starting with casting slab equalization and ending with giving the building to exploitation. In this way it can be established dependency of vertical displacements of its own weight of the structure in various stages of execution, the weight of all construction machinery embedded in the building, at the time of giving it in exploitation, as well as at building loading. In the same time, it will be followed the vertical displacements of the surrounding terrain produced by the influence of the construction over the land. Diagrama tasarilor

The markings on which the measurements are made are made according to the Romanian standards in force, thus guaranteeing the best accuracy of the measurements. The software of calculation and analysis of the displacements are of the best performing to complete the best solution offered to our clients.

Used equipment

Trimble Dini03 Digital Level

Measurement accuracy ± 0.3mm / double Km leveling

Deadline for execution

1-3 working days from the moment of order launch


From 59 lei / mark leveling / measuring cycle