Without constructions

This section provides information for owners who own a plot of land without buildings. The steps needed to grant a cadastral number and register in the Land Register of the land begins with a correct and exact information regarding the procedures that has to be followed.

Thus, after completion of the framework contract between you, as the owner and us as cadastral service provider, a team will come to the land where will make the necessary measurements. Afterwards, we will proceed in drafting technical part, during which you as the owner will have to obtain the necessary papers for the legal part of the file and bring them to our company headquarters.

After all the above procedures were closed, we submit the file to the Office of Cadastre and Land Registration, we follow it throughout the approval process and we interfere if there are technical problems and pick it up solved at the end of the process.

           We never forget about your file. We have developed a software application that allows us to follow in real time the status of your file.

Necessary documents

In order to perform the above mentioned operation the required documents are:

Case 1.  When the land was received or returned from the State

  • Propriety title – certified copy


  • Prefect order –certified copy;

Case 2. When the land was purchased from a physic or juridical entity

  • Certified copy of the sale-purchase contract.

Case 3. Heritage 

In this situation it is necessary a certified copy of the certificate or certificates of inheritance. Besides these documents, you will need the set of documents in case 1 or 2, depending on how the property was acquired by the deceased (s).

Case 4. Civil judgement

In this situation it is necessary a copy according to the original (it is issued only by Court) of the final and irrevocable sentence.

Besides the documents listed above, are required:

  • Tax certificate –in original (issued by the village Town Hall of within jurisdiction the land is placed). This certificate is available only in the month that is issued and has to be valid during in the time the file is submitted to the Office of Cadastre and Land Registration.
  • ID copies of owner (s)
  • Application forms. These are a number of templates provided by cadastre office when the service contract is signed.

Optional documents:

  • if the land is not fenced is required a plot plan signed and stamped by urbanistic service / cadastre from the Town Hall within jurisdiction, the land is placed.

Execution period

2-3 working days (may vary depending on weather conditions)

Term of documentation approval by the Cadastre Office

15 working days  (normal regime) or 5 working days (emergency regime).For approval in emergency regime OCPI’s fee in 5 times higher, respectively the normal fee is 120 ron, its value at emergency is 120 X 5 = 600 ron.


The fee charged by the Office of Cadastre and Land Registry Bucharest may vary depending on the property deeds. In most cases this is 120 lei. If there is property deeds newer than April 2009 (heritage certificate, civil sentences, etc.) the fee charged by the Office of Cadastre and Land Registry Bucharest is supplemented with a percentage of 0.15% of the property value mentioned in the papers. Mandatory this value must be stated on the certificate of inheritance or civil sentence.

Handed documents

  • Closure of registration in the Land Registry
  • Excerpt from Land Registry for information
  • Emplacement and boundary site plan