For designing

In order to develop any type of project that is intended to be implemented for a specific area, measurements must be made in order to establish the most accurate topographic details describing in terms of planimetric and altimetric the area of ​​interest. Measurements can be approved by the Office of Cadastre and Land Registration and subsequently used in the design and implementation of the project.

Required documents


  • Land book extract for information – copy
  • Property documents (sale and purchase contract, certificate of heir, title deed, etc.) – copy
  • Cadastral documentation – copy
  • Extracts of plot plan issued by the City Hall
  • Owner CI copy

Execution term

2-3 working days

Term of approval


  • Normal regime: 15 working days
  • Emergency regime: 5 working days

OCPI taxes


  • Normal regime: between 200 and 1500 lei, depending on the area
  • Emergency regime: between 1000 and 6500 lei, depending on the area

Documents handed over


  • Minutes of receipt of technical approval
  • Location and building delimitation plan (2 copies)