Without Constructions

If you own two or more neighbouring properties and you want them to blend into one than you need a merging documentation. Merging documentation can be made where each property has a cadastral number and is registered in the Land Registry. Following this documentation, old cadastral numbers will cease and it will be given a single cadastral number for the property obtained through merging..

The same will happen with the land books, but for this you will have to consult a notary public in office for the elaboration of the authentic deed of affiliation and its registration in the land book.


Technical conditions:

  • The buildings must fit perfectly. In case this does not happen, a cadastral documentation of limit rectification will have to be performed.

Required documents


  • Land book extract for information (not older than 1 month) for each building to be attached.
  • Urbanism certificate for attachment – legalized copy
  • Cadastral documentation of the buildings to be attached
  • Type requests
  • Copies of owner ID
  • Notarial declaration of entry into indivisibility – only if the real estate is not owned by the same owner.

Execution term

2-3 working days

OCPI approval term


  • Normal regime: 7 working days
  • Emergency regime: 3 working days

OCPI taxes


  • Normal regime: 60 lei
  • Emergency regime: 300 lei

Documents handed over


  • Admission application application report
  • Location and delimitation plan with the attachment proposal (2 copies)
  • Location and delimitation plan of the resulting lot (2 copies)