Apartment I.U.

Through the merging operation of two or more apartments (UI-individual units), storage spaces, underground parking spaces called individual units can be joined so as to form a single locative unit.

For this operation, the individual units that are to be attached must have cadastral numbers granted and be registered in the land book. Following the attachment and granting of the cadastral number for the resulting unit, the Attachment Act must be drawn up by a notary public in office and this deed must be registered in the land book. Cadastral numbers and old land books will be stopped.

Required documents


  • Land book extract for information (not older than 1 month) for each UI to be attached.
  • Cadastral documentation UI – copy
  • Type requests
  • Owner identity card – copy

Execution term

2-3 working days

OCPI approval term


  • Normal regime: 7 working days
  • Emergency regime: 3 working days

OCPI taxes


  • Normal regime: 60 lei
  • Emergency regime: 300 lei

Documents handed over


  • Admission application application report
  • Survey with the attachment proposal (initial situation) – 2 copies
  • Result UI survey (situation after attachment) – 2 copies