New Construction

Represents the cadastral operation (registration in the Land Registry) to a new building. This implies the following: the land on which is build a new construction has: a cadastral number and is registered in the Land Registry, building permit for the new construction and reception protocol issued by the municipality at the end of works.

Optionally, you can make interior measurements (reliefs) of the constructions.However, we recommend that you choose the surveys as many transactions, especially those through the bank, are also required. If you do not want surveys and you will be hit by the situation where you will need it, updating the cadastral documentation will generate a much higher additional cost and obviously a time of surplus approval.


ATTENTION! Starting with July 2013, it is compulsory to have the certificate of energy performance when the construction request is requested.


Required documents

In order to carry out the above mentioned operation the necessary documents are the following:

  • Extras from the original land book (no older than 1 month).
  • Original construction permit or certified copy.
  • Plans aimed at the change, annex to the building permit.
  • Construction layouts
  • Minutes of reception upon completion of the works
  • Certificate of construction certification
  • Fiscal certificate showing the construction and its tax value. (not older than 2 weeks); Is issued by the Circa Financiara of the sector or the town hall of the commune in which the building is located.
  • Copy of cadastre for the land on which the construction is.
  • Energy performance certificateCertificat de performanta energetica
  • Typical requests – we provide them
  • BI / CI for pers. physical or certifying certificate for pers. legal

The evidenced documents must be brought in legalized or original copy.


Deadline for execution

3-4 business days. This is indicative and may differ depending on the dimensions of the construction.

Term of approval documentation by the cadastral office

15 working days (normal) or 5 working days (emergency)

OCPI Taxes

The tax value is calculated according to the formula 60 lei + 0.05% of the construction tax value. This can be found on the fiscal certificate.

If you have not received the reception, you can use the value of the building permit for an indicative calculation.

If you want the approval of the documentation under emergency, then multiply by 5 the resulting value.

Documents delivered


  • End of tabulation
  • Extract of land book for information
  • Plan of location and delimitation of the building.
  • In case you opt for reliefs, then you will receive a set of reliefs of the construction / constructions.