Apartment I.U.

If you have a building, studio or apartment, which you would like to give it away, or simply want to have all the house papers in order, at some point you have to do cadastre registration and to tabulate it. This requires a specialized company to prepare the file, submit it to the Cadastre Office, follow it throughout the permitting process, possibly even interfere where there are problems, and pick it up at the end.

We do not forget about your file. We have developed a computer application that allows us to track the status of your file in real time.


  • we receive 1/2 advance and 1/2 after we deliver the notified and tabled documentation
  • Free document delivery and delivery by courier
  • free consultancy regarding the necessary documents for cadastre and registration
  • we monitor the status of the cadastral file 24h / day completely automatically to react quickly if the documentation receives the completion note
  • you pay an additional 200 lei and you also receive the necessary energy certificate for any sale

PRICE: 500lei (for apartment or studio buildings with areas less than 100sqm located in Bucharest and Ilfov)

Required documents

For drawing up the cadastral documentation and tabulation the necessary documents are: Case 1. When the apartment was purchased from the state (ICRAL, FOISOR, ICVL, etc.)

  • sale contract or construction contract – certified copy;
  • apartment delivery-receipt report – certified copy;
  • in case the apartment was bought in installments, you will need a certified copy of the loan agreement and a certified copy of the proof of full payment.

Case 2. When the apartment was purchased from the natural / legal person

  • Certified copy of the purchase contract.

Case 3. Inheritance In this situation a certified copy of the certificate or certificates of inheritance is required. Besides these documents, you will also need the set of documents in case 1 or 2, depending on how the building was acquired by the deceased (s). Case 4. Civil sentence In this situation a copy is required according to the original (issued only by the Court) of the definitive and irrevocable sentence. In addition to those listed above, the following are still needed:

  • Fiscal certificate in original (issued by the Sector Financial Administration). This is valid in the month in which it is issued and must be in the validity period when the file is submitted to the Cadastre and Real Estate Advertising Office in Bucharest or Ilfov.
  • copies of identity documents owner (s)
  • type requests. These are a series of standard forms made available by the cadastral company at the time the service contract is signed.

Optional documents:

  1. In case the address of the building has been changed by a decision of the local council, a certificate of address from the Association of Owners will be required which attests the old name and the current name. It must be signed and stamped by a representative of the association in the original.
  2. In case that on the documents of ownership there is no mention about their transcription in the register of transcripts and inscriptions then a notarial declaration from the owner is required. The declaration template can be downloaded from here.

Deadline for execution

  • 2-3 business days

Term of approval documentation by the cadastral office

18 working days (normal) or 6 working days (emergency). For emergency approval the value of the OCPI tax is 5 times higher, respectively for a normal regime tax of 120 lei, its value at emergency is 120 x 5 = 600 lei.

OCPI taxes

The value of the tax charged by the Office of Cadastre and Real Estate Advertising of Bucharest may differ depending on the property documents. In most cases this is 120 lei. In case there are new ownership documents of April 2009 (inheritance certificates, civil judgments, etc.) the value of the tax charged by the Office of Cadastre and Real Estate Advertising Bucharest is supplemented by a percentage of 0.15% of the value of the building. Mandatory this value must be passed on the certificate of inheritance or civil sentence.

Documents delivered

Closing of tabulations, extract of land book for information and survey of the apartment.