Without Constructions

A free land, extravilan or intravilan, can be dismantled in two or more lots only if it has a cadastral plan and is registered in the Land Registry. Operation is desired when the sale or donation of part of that land, or sell the whole ground but in smaller plots.

Technical restrictions:

  • Each resulting batch must have access to a road.

The dismantling operation it is done in 2 stages:

  1. Technical dismantling
  2. Legal dismantling

Our company deals only with the technical dismantling of the building. So, after handing over the documents mentioned in the “Documents handed over” section, the owner will go to the notary’s office where the act of dismemberment and registration in the land book of each resulting lot will be made.

Required documents


  • Land book extract for information (not older than 1 month)
  • Urbanism certificate for dismantling, only if you want to dismantle in more than 2 lots.
  • Copy of cadastral documentation.
  • Type requests.
  • Photocopies of identity documents of owners.

Execution term

2-3 working days

OCPI approval term


  • Normal regime: 7 working days
  • Emergency regime: 3 working days

OCPI taxes


  • Normal regime: 60 lei / dismantled lot
  • Emergency regime: 300 lei / dismantled lot

Documents handed over


  • Dismissal application admission report
  • Location and delimitation plan with dismantling proposal (2 copies)
  • Location and delimitation plan for each resulting lot (2 copies / lot)