Building dismantling

If you built a real estate complex or just a building consisting of several apartments, storage spaces, underground parking spaces, as appropriate, in order to sell, you need a building dismantling documentation.


The apartment operation represents the last stage in the execution process of the residential complex before the actual sale. We recommend that you contract this service in advance, our engineers have the necessary experience to study in detail the technical project so that you do not encounter problems in the process of approving the cadastral documentation.

Through this operation each apartment, commercial, administrative space, storage room or parking lot also called UI (individual units) will receive a unique cadastral number following that the process will end by notary, where the authentic deed of apartment will be drawn up, in order to open and registration in individual land books.




The apartment operation has a technical phase (cadastral) following which the internal surveys of the individual units are approved and a legal one (notarial) after which the individual land books are established.  After the completion of the apartment operation, the building becomes a codomain where we find real estate that will be owned exclusively (individual apartment units) and common parts and outbuildings owned in the division (the land on which the building was built and the common parts inside).


Required documents



  • Land book extract for information (not older than 1 month)
  • Cadastral documentation – copy
  • Plans aimed at unchanging the annex to the Building Permit
  • Type requests;
  • Copy of the owner’s CI (individual) or certificate from the trade register (legal person)


Execution term


Starting with 4 working days, depending on the size of the construction.


Why are we different from the competition?



  • EXPERIENCE of the last 10 years – 98% of the registered apartment documents were approved within the legal term without unnecessary delays
  • EXECUTION SPEED – we finish the measurements and draft the surveys before receiving the construction, we know that the apartment is the last operation before the actual sale and we make sure that there are no delays due to us
  • DOCUMENT STORAGE – we keep a database with all the documents related to your project;whether they are documents attesting the construction of the construction or documents issued by OCPI, you will always find them with us.
  • COLLABORATION with other suppliers – whether it is the notary you work with, the companies responsible for introducing utilities or other suppliers you work with, we assist them in any technical issues related to the project.
  • WARRANTY – we offer a 10-year warranty for the apartment type work performed
  • PAYMENT TERM – for loyal customers we offer different options for paying for cadastral services, we can work with a minimum advance and the final invoice will be issued after the collection of apartments sold begins.
  • DELIVERY of documents – we do not put you on the road, Total Survey customers benefit free of charge from taking over and delivering documents
  • FREE TABLE OF CONSTRUCTION – in case of apartments with more than 10 individual units, the registration / tabulation of the construction in the land book is offered free of charge.
  • FREE AERIAL PHOTOS – because a picture is more than a thousand words, at the end of the project we come and take aerial photos with your construction, they will help you in promoting the next residential projects.


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