Apartmente I.U.

Throughout this operation an apartment or a commercial space can be dismantled in two or more individual spaces for which it will be granted different cadastral numbers.

After approving the cadastral documentation for the dismantling of the building, the authentic deed of dismantling will be drawn up in order to be registered in distinct land books.


This operation presupposes that for the building there is cadastral documentation approved with cadastral number and tabulated in the land book.

Required documents


  • Land book extract for information (not older than 1 month)
  • Copy of cadastral documentation
  • Type requests
  • photocopies of identity documents- owner.

Execution term

2-3 working days

Term of approval


  • Normal regime: 7 working days
  • Emergency regime: 3 working days

OCPI taxes


  • Normal regime: 60 lei / dismantled lot
  • Emergency regime: 300 lei / dismantled lot

Documents handed over


  • Report on the admission of the dismemberment request
  • Survey with the dismemberment proposal (2 copies)
  • Resulting real estate survey (2 copies)