Cadastral boundary and surface

Adjustment of cadastral boundary documentation is drawn up when between materialized boundaries on the field and within boundaries approved by the cadastral office are differences.

Required documents


  • Extract of land book for information (not older than 1 month)
  • Notarial declaration of the owner from which it appears that he wishes to update the cadastral documentation, respectively the rectification of the limit and the surface of the building.
  • Good Neighborhood Report signed by all the residents from which they agree that the proposed cadastral limit. This is only necessary if the building is not completely fenced.
  • Type requests
  • Copies of the identity documents owner (s).

Deadline for execution

2-3 working days.

Notice term


  • Normal term: 15 working days
  • Emergency term: 5 working days



  • Normal term: 180 lei
  • Emergency term: 900 lei

Documents delivered


  • End of tabulation
  • Extract of land book for information
  • Site plan and delimitation of the land.