Cadastral Operations

In a society are occurring continuous changes on the real estate market. Changes regarding shape, size, purpose and legal status of buildings appear as a consequence of human activities, transactions of real estate or due to the action of nature. Cadastre is a system of inventory and evidence of all real estates in society and has a decisive role in the referral, knowledge and presentation of evolution of these changes.

Main cadastral operations:

What is Cadastre ?Ce este cadastrul ?

Cadastre represents a unitary and compulsory system of recording and systematic inventory of properties across the country, in terms of quantity, quality and legal means, regardless of their destination and owner, through which is carried out the identification, registration and their representation in registers and cadastral maps and plans.
Cadastre is: objective, because it expresses the reality on the ground; unitary, because it is executed according to instructions and unique normative and uses the same language for both the user and the recipient; dynamic because expresses natural reality which is continuously changing, which requires the need for permanent maintenance; general, because it satisfies the basic requirements for all national economy sectors, compulsory throughout the country for real estate owners and institutions that manage real estate.
Cadastrul reprezinta un sistem unitar si obligatoriu de evidenta si inventariere sistematica a bunurilor imobile de pe teritoriul intregii tari, din puncte de vedere cantitativ, calitativ si juridic, indiferent de destinatia lor si de proprietar, prin care se realizeaza identificarea, inregistrarea si reprezentarea lor in registre si pe harti si planuri cadastrale. Cadastrul este: obiectiv, pentru ca exprima realitatea din teren, unitar, pentru ca se executa dupa instructiuni si normative unice si foloseste un limbaj unic atat pentru utilizator cat si pentru beneficiar, dinamic, pentru ca exprima realitatea naturala in continua schimbare, ceea ce impune necesitatea unei intretineri permanente, general, pentru ca satisface cerintele de baza pentru toate sectoarele economiei nationale, obligatoriu, pe intreg teritoriul tarii, pentru proprietarii de bunuri imobile si pentru institutiile care gestioneaza bunurile imobile.

What is the role of Cadastre?Ce rol are cadastrul ?

The role and content of cadastre must comply with the current stage and future development of the national economy and thus to provide real data on: the owners of real estate and their registration in the cadastral records and land books, length, configuration and position of the property, as well as its usage reported to its initial destination, quality class of lands.Rolul si continutul cadastrului trebuie sa corespunda etapei actuale si de perspectiva a dezvoltarii economiei nationale si deci, sa furnizeze date reale cu privire la: proprietarii de bunuri imobile si inscrierea lor in registrele cadastrale si cartile funciare, intinderea configuratia si pozitia bunului imobil, precum si a folosintei lui raportata la destinatia initiala, categoria de calitate a terenurilor.

What is the purpose of Cadastre?In ce scop se realizeaza ?

Cadastral works are executed in order to provide to those interested, at any time, actual and complete data on real estate in order to contribute to: regulating the legal status of real estate and their registration in the Land Registry in order to achieve real estate advertising, creating a fair basis for determining fiscal tax; legal identification of land resources by providing the necessary elements for preparation of studies and projects regarding land planning and localities, as well as choosing different industrial and social-cultural objectives.Lucrarile de cadastru se executa cu scopul de a pune la dispozitia celor interesati, in orice moment, date reale si complete referitoare la bunurile imobile pentru a contribui la: reglementarea situatiei juridice a bunurilor imobile si inscrierea lor in cartea funciara in vederea realizarii publicitatii imobiliare, creearea unei baza juste pentru stabilirea impozitului fiscal, identificarea juridica a resurselor funciare, furnizarea elementelor necesare pentru intocmirea studiilor si proiectelor privind sistematizarea teritoriului si a localitatilor, precum si pentru alegerea diferitelor obiective industriale si social-culturale.

Why is it so important?De ce este atat de important ?

The importance of cadastre is that it provides real information about the real estate (position, size, usage, owner) needed in all branches of the national economy. In addition, it represents a major tool for providing documents that give security of the occurring transactions on the real estate market.Importanta cadastrului consta in faptul ca acesta furnizeaza date reale privitoare la bunurile imobile (pozitie, marime, folosinta, proprietar) necesare in toate ramurile economiei nationale. De asemenea reprezinta un instrument deosebit de important, pentru ca furnizeaza documentele care dau siguranta tranzactiilor care au loc pe piata bunurilor imobile.