Planimetric situation plans is the most topo-geodetic product requested by beneficiaries. Through situation plans the terrestrial surface is represented faithfully.

Situation plans

Situation plans are made in different projection systems (according to the beneficiary’s request) and can be prepared for:

  • obtaining the building permit (PAC) / demolition
  • for design
  • determination of fenced land areas (for rent / concession)
  • for the establishment / rehabilitation of communication routes
  • for archeological sites
  • for industrial platforms
  • for obtaining PUG, PUZ, PUD

The large capacity for working and data processing recommends us for large situation plans, where the execution term is very small / strict.

Required documents


For the elaboration of the situation plans we need the following :

  • identifying the location to be measured
  • land cadastral documentation (if any)

Execution term


  • starting with 1 working day (varies depending on the size and complexity of the area to be measured)

OCPI / ANCPI approval term


At the request of the beneficiaries, the situation plans can be approved by OCPI / ANCPI.

For more information, access the Technical Approvals section.

Documents handed over


File in 2 copies containing :

  • technical report
  • situation plan
  • Area layout plan
  • compensation ratio with the measured points
  • GPS-RTK file
  • surface calculation
  • CD / DVD with all plans in DWG format and documents in PDF format.