Energy Performance Certificates

Starting with the 1st of January, 2011 if you SELL, RENT or want to thermally REHABILITATE your home, you need an energy certificate. This legal provision is valid for new buildings which don't have RECEPTION at at the end of works made yet by local authorities. If you want to sell a house, to rent or want to register a new building in the Land Registry, you can not do it without this certificate !!!

Necessary documents

  • Data property information
  • Interior building mapping

Execution period

  • 24 – 48 hours


Ap. 1 room 250 lei 50 lei Discount is granted if
this service is contracted together
with cadastral documentation
Ap. 2 rooms 250 lei 50 lei
Ap. 3 rooms 300 lei 50 lei
Ap. 4 rooms 350 lei 50 lei
Villas Sdesf.<250m2 400 lei 50 lei
Villas Sdesf.>250m2 request an offer
Residential complex request an offer


Why do I need an Energy Certificate?

The main reason why you must have an energy certificate is 372/2005 law regarding energy performance of buildings.

If you want to sell a house, to rent or want to register in the Land Registry a new building, you can not do it without this certificate.

Art. 12 – par. (2) for building categories that are sold or rented, the certificate shall be prepared by the owner and is presented at completion of  sale-purchase contract, respectively to the rent contract.

Energy performance is referring to everything that involves proper functioning of a building : thermal heating of rooms, heating water for consumption, cooling, ventilation, lighting or other utilities.

Energy certificate attest how effective or not a building is in resources consumption- fuel, electricity, heat – in order to provide optimal operating conditions.

Even if you are not going to sell, rent or you do not have a new building, the energy certificate can be extremely useful. You can make a clear idea of ​​how much you spend for building maintenance and especially with recommendations that accompany this certificate, learn what you should do to reduce these costs and increase your comfort with minimal costs.

Which are the energy performance classes of a building?

Perhaps you are already familiar with the concept of “energy class”. You can see them on every fridge, washing machine and other electrical devices. Like these, a building can fit in a energy class or another, according to its”performances”.

In other words, energy class is a “grade” given to the building according to its ability to save energy.

The 7 “Grades” are from A to G, but each class has behind a score from 1 to 100 set depending on many parameters.

How are the classes established?

For establishing the energy class are taken into account various criteria: wall thickness, type of masonry, roof type, basement condition, columns heating condition, performance heating or ventilation system. All this information can be obtained by searching on site, from specific documents or, in their absence, from the owner information or through specific measures.

Energy class A involves consuming less than 125 kWh / m 2 / year, consumed energy to ensure optimal conditions – temperature, lighting, hot water. In contrast, energy class G requires a consumption over 820 kWh / m2 / year

Most buildings in Romania are included at this time in class C or D. Even new buildings, most of them do not get in class A, unless they have been specifically designed and built for this purpose.

Ideally, at this point, is to lead buildings to class B or C and urgent measures should be taken for buildings in Class E, F or G.

However, through specific measures, the energy performance of a building can be improved substantially. This can be translated simply: by reducing costs, especially in seasons of extreme temperatures and increasing comfort. Because, isn’t it that we do not really want to stay with gloves and scarf in front of the TV in the middle of winter or with ice bag in our arms in the middle of summer ! Main reason why you must have an energy certificate is law 372/2005 on energy performance buildings.