<!–:ro–>Intabulare si apartamentare bloc 10-11<!–:–>

<p><!–:ro–>Blocurile fac parte dintr-un cartier rezidential dezvoltat in sudul Bucurestiului.  Regim inaltime : S P 5E M, suprafata construita la sol 1325mp, suprafata desfasurata 8418mp. Dupa apartamentare au rezultat 90 unitati individuale.<!–:–></p>

Registration and dismantling of apartment building

Apartment building has height regime of B + G + 2F + A, with a ground constructed surface  of 751 sqm and a deployed surface 4251 sqm. The building had been dismantled in 64 individual units, 4 laundries and 60 apartments.

Registration of Kindergarten no.185

The property “Kindergarten no.185” situated in 5th District in Bucharest was registered in the Land registry with the following parameters: land surface 4152 sqm, main building – height regime B+G+1F, with a total deployed area 1788 sqm, second building – height regime G+1F having a total deployed area 560 sqm

Mapping ditches in archaeological site – GCP determination

For execution of mapping throughout photogrammetric methods of an archaeological ditch in Sultana site, there were determined 16 ground control points. 3D coordinates of control points were determined using classic technology and Trimble total station.

Roof axes marking

There were marked the roof axes for the cover assembly. Used equipment Trimble S8 total station (angular accuracy 2” ; distance accuracy 1mm+2ppm)

Orthophotoplan for verification of cadastral boundaries

It was performed an orthophotoplan ( with ground pixel dimension of 1.38 cm) for verification of cadastral boundaries though a residential complex. To beneficiary was handled: the orthophotoplan ( georeferenced in Stereo ’70 System) over which were added layers with cadastral boundaries and detailed plans printed at 1:200 scale.

Photogrammetric study carried out in Sultana archaeological site

Total Survey had carried out a photogrammetric study in Sultana archaeological site for The Romanian National History Museum. The study results were presented within a press conference.

Measurements for block rehabilitation

There were performed measurements for calculus of characteristic block surfaces. Based on determined surfaces was calculated the quantity of necessary materials. The measurements were performed with Trimble S6 total station.

Registration and dismantling of 7 & 8 blocks

The height regime for each construction is B+G+5F+A, the total deployed area of both blocks is  7257 sqm. Buildings were dismantled resulting 94 individual units.