Lands (cadastral boundaries)

Markings / picketing represents a limited cadastral operation whereby a building is materialized on the ground.



If you intend to PURCHASE a land or you want to make a FENCE of a land, our recommendation is to request such an operation of drawing the cadastral limits.


Required documents


  • Location and delimitation plan (constitutes an integral part of the cadastral documentation).
  • Inventory of coordinates (issued by the Territorial Office) for the points that define the property limit – according to art.68 of ord.700 / 2014

In order for the building to be able to trace the cadastral documentation, it must have been drawn up in a local Stereo’70 or Stereo’30 projection system. In the situation when the cadastral documentation is drawn up in the LOCAL projection SYSTEM, the building CANNOT BE DRAWN. In this situation, a documentation for updating the cadastral number must be made.


Execution term


1-2 working days


Documents handed over


Drawing report – 2 copies.




  • 95 lei /marked point

For more than 8 marked points it is given an discount.


  • 100 lei – for obtaining the coordinates inventory issued by the territorial cadastre office



OCPI taxes


The supply of the inventory of coordinates of the contour points that define the cadastral limit is made with a cost.

  • 15 lei /  point- providing term of 5 working days
  • 75 lei /point- providing term of 1 working day