Building axes

Marking works represent the transposition operation in the field of design elements. To execute a construction is necessary prior materialization of construction axes on the field. All subsequent work: foundation digging, column positioning, elevation shuttering and reinforcement, walls execution, holes positioning etc. they will be always reported depending on materialized construction axes.

Required documents


In order to be able to draw the axes of a construction, it is necessary the execution plan of the building made by the architect and in which the axes and the fixed landmark elements should be highlighted.

  • construction project in digital format (.dwg files) – must contain the designed elements and the location of the construction compared to the property limits
  • location and delimitation plan (part of the cadastral documentation)

Execution term


  • 2-3 working days

In order to trace the axes of the constructions, it is necessary (in general) two field visits: in a first phase a topographic survey will be performed and the geodetic tracing network will be made, later the axes of the construction will be drawn (materialized).

Documents handed over


  • Marking report



  • from 120 euro / day